What and when to eat for your workout


Today I made couple of mistakes around nutrition for my workout which made my workout performance level hit the lowest ground and it wasn’t pleasant. So that I want to share some tips around Nutrition and food for workout and fitness. Listed below is a summary of what i have been read, learned and my experience about workout food types and timing.

  1. Pre-workout, if you are doing intense workout like cycling, marathon running. Eat finish your  easy-to digest-meal 2-3 hours before your workout.
  2. In addition to that, 1 hour before you workout consume some small snacks like banana, nuts, pre-workout energy drink.
  3. During workout, prepare plenty of water. If your workout is intense workout or with duration, prepare some snacks like energy gel, energy drink, or chocolate beans. If your workout is not intense or short, you don’t need to consume any calorie in and water is enough
  4. Post-workout, after 30 minutes, consume some nutrition-densed food like protein powder, shakeology, or your own meals with high protein, fiber and vitamins


Your friend Annie


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