When is the best time to start fitness challenge 

I often heard people saying that I want to start to lose weight, I want to start that fitness challenge, I want to have that beach ready body … BUT, let me start later because this is my busies the season in the year! I am not ready yet! I need a perfect plan! I don’t want to take that aggressive route! ….

I get that and I have been there too. But my friend, that is the reason why we never get things done! And that is procrastination!

When is the perfect time to start a finesse chanllenge, a fitness goal, or any goal?

The answer is NOW!

Start it small, do something, or anything!

Let’s say you wanna to run a marathon. Start to run 1 miles today, or do some research about it, or join a running group…

Let’s say you want to control your food consumption. Then start on stoping eating what you are eating right now, Forgot what you have been eating, and from now on eat more clean! Or Ask a friend to help! Or doing google search on this topic. Or download a fitness app! Or join a fitness group!

Instead of thinking to much or finding excuses, how about we start to do something first and even if it is not too perfect but we can always revise it later.

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