How to accomplish a fitness challenge


Step 1: Set up a target date and sign up

Never say I will, say I am going to. For the past 2 years, I have attended 5 half-marathons, 3 hundred mile mountain bike ride, and signed up as a coach. Every time, I tried those challenges I started by sign up for it and pay without knowing more details. Then I figure out what should I do next. It always work out nicely and I am able to accomplish those, because when the time comes, you will find the way to get the goal.

Step 2: Write down the reasons on paper 

You must have a reason or multiple reason if you want to do something. Write it down! No matter is in paper or on you phone or on your PC. When you have thoughts of giving up, go back to the notes of those reasoning. You will be re-encouraged.

Step 3: Find a group or partner 

I found out doing a challenge with a group or with something will be more efficient. Because group will provide information you need on focused area. For example, when I signed up my first half-marathon, I joined a local training groups. The group shared good tips about running, schedules group run which forces me to go out and get my training done. Also, it provided me all kinds of mental supports along the way.

Step 4: Enjoy the journey

Just enjoy the journey, enjoy the preparation. After you accomplished, trust me, you self satisfaction will be boosted.

Your friend: Annie


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