Simulated Streaming Data -> Power BI Embedded

This post is about something new I have tried last week. The goal was to create simulated streaming data source, feed it into Power BI as a streaming dataset, create a report out of the streaming dataset, and then embed it to an web application. With proper directions provided by my teammates, I finished the implementation from end to end within 1.5 hours. I was super impressed by how awesome it is and how easy it is to implement so that I want to share those directions to you.

Main Step 1 Create simulated streaming data and push it to a Power BI as streaming dataset

  1. The basic steps include:
    1. Set up an Azure IOT hub to capture the data
    2. Use IOT Simulator to simulate streaming data
    3. Create a Power BI App Workspace in
    4. Set up Streaming Analytics Job to connect data coming from IOT hub to Power BI datasetstreaming analytics job

  1. There is a free tutorial course from EDX talks about the above steps in details. You do not have to finish all the tutorial and you can just go through the ones in green check marks as shown in below.

                 edx tutorial for iot

Main Step 2: Create a Power BI report using the streaming dataset

  1. Open Power BI Desktop
  2. Click on Get Data
  3. Choose ‘Power BI dataset’
  4. Choose the Power BI streaming dataset you just created from Main Step 1

powerbi datasets

  1. Once you connected to the streaming dataset, you can use it to create your graphs and charts.
  2. Lastly, click ‘Publish’ to save your PBIX file back to

Main Step 3 Embed your Power BI report to your application

  1. If you need to embed your report into your application, please follow this tutorial

This tutorial introduced the following important topics which we have not done in the previous steps

  1. How to register an application in Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) which allows your application to interact with Power BI.
  2. It provides a sample application package from GitHub. You can just update webconfig file of the sample package on applicationID you just created, the workspaceid where your report locates, the reportid of your report, and your Power BI credential.

  1. Lastly, to set up automatic refresh of your streaming dataset on your application, please try the following blog


Thank you,

Your friend, Annie


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