Migrating Local Power Query to PowerBI Data Flow and link it to Azure Data Lake Storage account

Within Microsoft lastest PowerBI update, the one exites me most is that we can link PowerBI data flow to Azure data lake storage account.

Benefits are:

  1. When you have a PBIX imported mode reaching more than 1 GB and you are not Primier memeber you can not publish to PowerBI.com. However, with DataFlow in PowerBi you can save upto 10 GB data.
  2. Your workspace members are able to reuse the same data flow as souce of their PowerBI file.
  3. When liked to Azure Data Lake Sotrage Gen 2 you can use data got from PowerBI Dataflows as data source across your Azure applications.14a64eeb-b1a7-4a12-889f-8b573c98ef20[1]

To try this, you need to have the following things

You have PowerBI-Pro license and above.

You are an admin to your Azure portal. (Or you are good friend of your admin ^_^)

There are few things I found out when I did my experiment and I think you might face are:

  1. You can use blank query to copy M Codes from your Power Queries
  2. If you have a table function to transfer and you don’t have primier account, you can still do so by select “do not load”
  3. To configure Azure Data Lake Gen 2 connect to PowerBI, follow this document from microsoft. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/power-bi/service-dataflows-connect-azure-data-lake-storage-gen2
  4. When you configured everything right according to the above microsoft document. You may still have issue like I did. Please follow the following communication string  to see the lastest udpate on the PowerBI community discussing. https://community.powerbi.com/t5/Service/Power-BI-Dataflow-to-Azure-Data-Lake-Gen2-Setup/td-p/583564

Latest update, Microsoft team has fixed the above. Now I have tested and works fine.


Your friend, Annie

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