How to fix food craving

Do you struggle with a certain type of food which after the first bite you couldn’t stop eating?

I do.

Mine is nuts.

I have been told Nuts are good for us. The problem is once I pop a couple of those crunchy little kernels of savory goodness into my mouth, the bag empties. As a result, within minutes, I consume more than a day’s worth of fat.

So how do you identify trigger foods?

  1. Jot down food items in a list if:
    • You reach for it at least 3 times within an hour regularly
    • You crave it when watching TV
    • You have a tendency to wipe out a whole bag of it in one sitting
  2. For each item, write down:
    1. In what situation or environment you tend to eat it
    2. How you feel when eating it
    3. What it is about the food that keeps you coming back for it (texture, flavor, feeling, etc).

For example, moving back to my bad romance with nuts,  I would typically purchase a bag of them whenever I pass by the snack section of the mall. I would also grab some subconsciously if there happen to be a bag of them in my pantry and when I get bored. I like the crunchy texture and savory flavor.

It then becomes clear on how I should handle them.

  1. Avoid purchasing: I would avoid passing them when I do my shopping
  2. Share with others: I would bring them to the office or a party and share with my co-workers or friends
  3. Find a replacement
    • If boredom is what triggers me, then I would try to take a walk outside, meditate, or read something interesting.
    • If its the texture I like, then I should diversify my options with other snacks. I could choose to eat baby carrots with hummus which provides me the same texture and savory flavor I crave.



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