How to get Microsoft Professional Certifications

MCITP-logoWhy take certification exams?

  • Get overall systematic knowledge of the target profession
  • Get more confident on job as an expert
  • Gain latest updates information
  • Know my job and its relation to my co-workers job
  • Gain job security and flexibility
  • Feel fun and accomplished

Where to Find the information

How to take actions

  • Sign up now! ( you can cancel or change for free until 7 days before the exam)
  • Take 1 – 2 hours blocked time each day to focus on studying
  • Be mentally prepared (it will be hard but no matter what is the result I am learning something)

Resource to use

  • Buy the exam training kit book(if available)
  • Google “exam number + study guide” find the URL for and follow the study guide
  • Cooperate learning site has tons of paid videos ( Anthem: My Learning)


  • Sign up through retake option (allow to retake the exam once if failed)
  • Use Video Courses online and listen to it when driving or walking
  • Join study groups (optional)

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