The one investment which provides the highest ROI

20150625044625-shutterstock-112158569.jpegYou can invest your money and time on many things like house, stock options, retirement account, etc. But the only one investment which will provide you the overall highest ROI and least amount of risk is yourself.

ROI stands for Returns of Investment. The definition of returns shouldn’t be just money but should be a combination of money, happiness, health, personal satisfaction. Based on this definition, the only one investment which will provide the returns is yourself.

Personally, I have spend quite a lot money and time on attending conferences, getting courses which helps me to grow professionally, gym membership, Yoga studio, Healthy suppliments, home robots, books in different format, facial products which helps my skin looks better (La Mer is my favorite brand), pretty close which helps me feel more confident, and lots of Not Free but very good apps which help my life more efficient… Turns out that all of those investment I spend on myself bring me way more satisfaction on income, health, and myself, which make me more happier in general.

Basically, try invest your money and time on the following items and I guarantee that you won’t regret.

  1. Makes you more valuable professionally
  2. Improves your health
  3. Makes you more confident
  4. Save you time on the unproductive works or things you don’t like, and instead use those time to focus on things you are good at, passions about, etc.

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