How to use T-SQL to validate all SSIS packages at once

Recently, I need to do a data warehouse migration for a client. Since there might be some difference between the Dev environment source databases and Prod environment source databases. The migrated SSIS packages for building data warehouse might have some failures because of the changes. So the challenge is how can I validate all my DW packages (100 +) all at once.

There are a good amount of posts out there to do one package validation at a time using the Management Studio GUI (just right click on the package under SSIS Catalog)

validate SSIS package

Or using T-SQL store procedure [SSISDB].[catalog].[validate_package]. Here is the explanation of this store procedure from Microsoft.

To get the validation all at once, we can use a loop query to execute [SSISDB].[catalog].[validate_package] one by one.

Here is the code I created and would love to share.

DECLARE @validation_id BIGINT;
DECLARE @packageName NVARCHAR(250);
WHILE @i <= (SELECT MAX(package_id)
FROM SSISDB.catalog.packages)
SET @packageName = (SELECT concat(NAME, ‘.dtsx’)
FROM SSISDB.catalog.packages
WHERE package_ID = @i);
EXEC [SSISDB].[catalog].[validate_package]
@package_name = @packageName,
@folder_name = N’(the folder name which the packages are in)‘,
@project_name = N’(the project name which the packages are in)‘,
@use32bitruntime = False,
@environment_scope = S,
@reference_id = 2,   /* this is the reference id of the environment the package may use. If there is no environment reference, you can assign NULL’ */
@validation_id = @validation_id OUTPUT;
SET @i = @i + 1;
After you ran the above statements, you can when use the following query to check the validation result.
SELECT  object_name,
                CASE status
                    WHEN 4
                    THEN ‘Fail’
                    WHEN 7
                    THEN ‘Success’
                END AS ‘Status’
FROM SSISDB.catalog.validations;
Thanks for viewing and I would love to have any feedbacks.
Your friend, Annie

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