How to fix food craving

Do you struggle with a certain type of food which after the first bite you couldn’t stop eating?

I do.

Mine is nuts.

I have been told Nuts are good for us. The problem is once I pop a couple of those crunchy little kernels of savory goodness into my mouth, the bag empties. As a result, within minutes, I consume more than a day’s worth of fat.

So how do you identify trigger foods?

  1. Jot down food items in a list if:
    • You reach for it at least 3 times within an hour regularly
    • You crave it when watching TV
    • You have a tendency to wipe out a whole bag of it in one sitting
  2. For each item, write down:
    1. In what situation or environment you tend to eat it
    2. How you feel when eating it
    3. What it is about the food that keeps you coming back for it (texture, flavor, feeling, etc).

For example, moving back to my bad romance with nuts,  I would typically purchase a bag of them whenever I pass by the snack section of the mall. I would also grab some subconsciously if there happen to be a bag of them in my pantry and when I get bored. I like the crunchy texture and savory flavor.

It then becomes clear on how I should handle them.

  1. Avoid purchasing: I would avoid passing them when I do my shopping
  2. Share with others: I would bring them to the office or a party and share with my co-workers or friends
  3. Find a replacement
    • If boredom is what triggers me, then I would try to take a walk outside, meditate, or read something interesting.
    • If its the texture I like, then I should diversify my options with other snacks. I could choose to eat baby carrots with hummus which provides me the same texture and savory flavor I crave.



When is the best time to start fitness challenge 

I often heard people saying that I want to start to lose weight, I want to start that fitness challenge, I want to have that beach ready body … BUT, let me start later because this is my busies the season in the year! I am not ready yet! I need a perfect plan! I don’t want to take that aggressive route! ….

I get that and I have been there too. But my friend, that is the reason why we never get things done! And that is procrastination!

When is the perfect time to start a finesse chanllenge, a fitness goal, or any goal?

The answer is NOW!

Start it small, do something, or anything!

Let’s say you wanna to run a marathon. Start to run 1 miles today, or do some research about it, or join a running group…

Let’s say you want to control your food consumption. Then start on stoping eating what you are eating right now, Forgot what you have been eating, and from now on eat more clean! Or Ask a friend to help! Or doing google search on this topic. Or download a fitness app! Or join a fitness group!

Instead of thinking to much or finding excuses, how about we start to do something first and even if it is not too perfect but we can always revise it later.

What and when to eat for your workout


Today I made couple of mistakes around nutrition for my workout which made my workout performance level hit the lowest ground and it wasn’t pleasant. So that I want to share some tips around Nutrition and food for workout and fitness. Listed below is a summary of what i have been read, learned and my experience about workout food types and timing.

  1. Pre-workout, if you are doing intense workout like cycling, marathon running. Eat finish your  easy-to digest-meal 2-3 hours before your workout.
  2. In addition to that, 1 hour before you workout consume some small snacks like banana, nuts, pre-workout energy drink.
  3. During workout, prepare plenty of water. If your workout is intense workout or with duration, prepare some snacks like energy gel, energy drink, or chocolate beans. If your workout is not intense or short, you don’t need to consume any calorie in and water is enough
  4. Post-workout, after 30 minutes, consume some nutrition-densed food like protein powder, shakeology, or your own meals with high protein, fiber and vitamins


Your friend Annie


How to accomplish a fitness challenge


Step 1: Set up a target date and sign up

Never say I will, say I am going to. For the past 2 years, I have attended 5 half-marathons, 3 hundred mile mountain bike ride, and signed up as a coach. Every time, I tried those challenges I started by sign up for it and pay without knowing more details. Then I figure out what should I do next. It always work out nicely and I am able to accomplish those, because when the time comes, you will find the way to get the goal.

Step 2: Write down the reasons on paper 

You must have a reason or multiple reason if you want to do something. Write it down! No matter is in paper or on you phone or on your PC. When you have thoughts of giving up, go back to the notes of those reasoning. You will be re-encouraged.

Step 3: Find a group or partner 

I found out doing a challenge with a group or with something will be more efficient. Because group will provide information you need on focused area. For example, when I signed up my first half-marathon, I joined a local training groups. The group shared good tips about running, schedules group run which forces me to go out and get my training done. Also, it provided me all kinds of mental supports along the way.

Step 4: Enjoy the journey

Just enjoy the journey, enjoy the preparation. After you accomplished, trust me, you self satisfaction will be boosted.

Your friend: Annie


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